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TE6-2: Power Devices and applications: Si, SiC, and GaN devices--Ⅰ(VooV)
Theme:TE6-2: Power Devices and applications: Si, SiC, and GaN devices--Ⅰ
Meeting Time:2022-11-06 13:00-15:20 (GMT+08:00) China Standard Time - Beijing
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#Tencent Conference:639-984-054

Session Chairs
Zhicong Huang South China University of Technology
Yun Zhang Tianjin University
TE6.2.1 Dynamic RDS(on)Testing for GaN Devices Considering Third Quadrant and Different Operating Conditions

TE6.2.2 Design Optimization and Experimental Validation of Gate Driver for 10kV SiC MOSFET

TE6.2.3 Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Low Melting Point Alloy for Downhole Electronics at High Temperature

TE6.2.4 The Benefits of SiC/GaN Devices in T-Type Three-Level Inverter Hybrid Applications

TE6.2.5 PZT-Based Mitigation of Voltage Overshooting and Switching Oscillation for SiC MOSFET

TE6.2.6 Comparative Analysis on Switching Characteristics of Discrete SiC MOSFET in Press-pack Package and Wire-bonded Package

TE6.2.7 Thermal Optimization of a Logging Tool Used in High Temperature Downhole Environment

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