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TE6-5: Power Electronics for Wireless Power Transfer--Ⅰ(VooV)
Theme:TE6-5: Power Electronics for Wireless Power Transfer--Ⅰ
Meeting Time:2022-11-06 13:00-15:20 (GMT+08:00) China Standard Time - Beijing
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#Tencent Conference:646-239-210

Session Chairs
Yanfeng Chen South China University of Technology
Jing Lyu Shanghai Jiaotong University
TE6.5.1 A Novel L-S/N Compensation Topology for Inductive Power Transfer Systems with Constant Current Outputs and a Compact Receiver

TE6.5.2 Optimization on Structure and Parameter of Magnetic Coupler in Wireless Charging System

TE6.5.3 The Optimal Design of the Segmented Primary Track for Inductive Wireless Power Transfer System

TE6.5.4 Analysis and Design of a Self-Tuning Secondary Side for CPT System Using a Third Pair of Decoupled Plates and Variable Inductor

TE6.5.5 Robust Random Forest Regressor-Based Mutual Inductance Monitoring Scheme for Inductive Power Transfer Systems

TE6.5.6 A Parameter Design Method for High Performance LCLC-LC Compensated CPT Systems

TE6.5.7 Signal Reverse Transmission Method for Inductive Wireless Power Transmission Control System by Modifying Compensation Capacitance

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