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TE7-5: Conversion Technologies for Renewable Energy and Energy Saving--Ⅲ(VooV)
Theme:TE7-5: Conversion Technologies for Renewable Energy and Energy Saving--Ⅲ
Meeting Time:2022-11-07 8:00-10:00 (GMT+08:00) China Standard Time - Beijing
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#Tencent Conference:451-750-796

Session Chairs
Rui Li Shanghai Jiaotong University
Shanshan Gao Harbin Institute of Technology
TE7.5.1 Large-signal Stability Analysis and Parameter Optimization of Grid-tied Inverter Considering Phase-locked Loop Nonlinearity

TE7.5.2 Research on Control Strategy of Small Power Router

TE7.5.3 Effects of PLL in the Damping Unit of a Gird-Connected VSG

TE7.5.4 Thermal Stress Distribution Analysis of SiC Power Modules in DAB Converter Within the Whole Operating Range

TE7.5.5 Research Progress of Non-isolated High Step-up DC/DC Converters Based on Combinational Switched Impedance Network

TE7.5.6 Newton Downhill Method Based Maximum Torque Per Voltage Control of IPMSM Considering Variation of Motor Parameters

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