The IEEE PEAC 2022 Online Conference System
TE7-11: Power Electronics for Transmission and Distribution-- II(VooV)
Theme:TE7-11: Power Electronics for Transmission and Distribution-- II
Meeting Time:2022-11-07 10:20-12:00 (GMT+08:00) China Standard Time - Beijing
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#Tencent Conference:696-469-472

Session Chairs
Jiawei Chen Chongqing University
Rui Li Shanghai Jiaotong University
TE7.11.1 An Implementation Method of a High-power Harvester from High-voltage Transmission Lines

TE7.11.2 Influence of Structural Parameters of Voltage Sensing Unit in Switchgear on Distribution Characteristics of Spatial Stray Capacitance

TE7.11.3 Power Flow Calculation Method for Hybrid Cascaded HVDC Transmission System

TE7.11.4 Optimal Scheduling for Photovoltaic-Storage-Charging Smart Distribution Substation under Real-time Electricity Price

TE7.11.5 Four-quadrant Hybrid MMC and its Circulating Current Decoupling Control Strategy

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