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TE7-13: Switching Power Supply: DC/DC converter, Power Factor Correction converter--Ⅴ(VooV)
Theme:TE7-13: Switching Power Supply: DC/DC converter, Power Factor Correction converter--Ⅴ
Meeting Time:2022-11-07 13:00-15:00 (GMT+08:00) China Standard Time - Beijing
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#Tencent Conference:645-989-502

Session Chairs
Wenxun Xiao South China University of Technology
Mingyao Ma Hefei University of Technology
TE7.13.1 Linearized ZVS Control Scheme of a Resonant Four-Switch buck-boost DC/DC Converter for an inverting Voltage Solution Applications

TE7.13.2 A Self-Balancing Non-isolated DC/DC Converter for DC Wind Power Conversion System

TE7.13.3 High Step-up Ratio and Low Current Ripple Non-isolate Magnetic Integration Converter for Low-voltage Fuel Cell System

TE7.13.4 Power Decoupling Three-Port Converter with Integrated Transformer

TE7.13.5 Computer-Aided Comprehensive Operation Analysis of DC-DC Converters Considering Uncertain States of Diodes

TE7.13.6 High Density Planar Integrated Magnetics with Two-sided Merged Inductor Windings and Cores for Resonant DC/DC Converter

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